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  • Waste cloth shredder machine

    Author:Admin Views: Create time:2016/09/26

    Waste cloth shredder machine

    Production description of waste cloth shredder machine
            Waste cloth shredder  machine with two shaft, it reduces the size of material through cutting, tearing, and squeezing. This kind of shredding machine widely used in waste plastic, waste rubber, wood, crop, straw and other large volume of waste. Its mature technology and advanced design provide quality assurance for waste recycling, but also make a great contribution to environmental protection. 
            In addition, the biaxial shredding machine has been certified by CE and adopted Siemens Motors. The microcomputer automatic control system be also used in this machine, which includes start, close, and overload inversion. The low speed, high torque,and low noise are the advantages of this shredding machine.

    Waste cloth shredder machine

    The structure of waste cloth shredder machine
            1. Crusher body 
            The main body of equipment adopts high quality steel plate welding, that eliminates stress treatment/whole machine processing and ensure the stability of the equipment in the long time heavy load. 
            2. Bearing and seal 
            The bearing block using detachable patent registration, it not only quickly remove the knife, knife, bearings and other components, but also conducive to maintain and replace knife tool. Its unique sealing structure barrier to the crushing material and grease contact effectively. Moreover, handling liquid materials can also protect the bearings and gears.
            3.Moving blade and fixed blade 
            The material of moving knife adopts special alloy tool steel forging blank, with precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature refrigeration heat treatment technology. In addition, the integrity of the overall toughness hardness conduce to repair and reuse, this way ensure the cutting performance and working life. The fixed knife is installed with the patent hook, which optimizes the cutter replacement function and improve efficiency of the tool maintenance and replacement.  
            4.Cutter shaft 
            The processing and refining of cutter shaft using the special steel with high strength and heavy duty, its reasonably cooperation provides powerful to cutting.

    Waste cloth shredder machine

    Crushing materials of waste cloth shredder machine
            (1) All kinds of hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic barrels, drums, packing box, packing barrel
            (2) Waste home appliances: TV, washing machine, refrigerator shell
            (3) Pipe: large pipe, pipe, PE pipe
            (4) Waste template: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, pallet truck
            (5) Scrap tires: car tires, truck tires
            (6) Scrap metal: aluminum alloy shell, automobile, scrap aluminum casting, steel, lead and the engine shell thickness below 5mm
            (7) Kitchen waste, garbage, animal carcasses, RDF derivatives, medical waste, biological straw, garden waste
            (8) Rubber material, paper mill head rope

    Our customers
            Until now we have many customers come from different countries: 
            Asia countries:  Philippines, Vietnam,Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia,  Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. 
            Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi arabia, Turkey, etc. 
            European countries: Russia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, greece, etc. 
            African countries: Egypt, Libya, Sultan, Tunisia, Algeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa,etc. 
            Oceania countries:  Australia, New Zealand, etc. 
            America countries: Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

    Waste cloth shredder machine

    Our service
            Pre-sale service: After know all your requirements, we will make a detail project for you, then suggest suitable machines ( a single machine, several machines or a complete production line) for your reference. 
            Middle-sale service: Before you visit our factory, we will book hotel in advance, and pick up you at airport. 
            Also we will arrange some characteristic tours for you.
            After-sale service: We will dispatch our engineer install machine to your country, also maintain overseas in future. All our machines have one year warranty.

    Waste cloth shredder machine

    Our factory
            We are a 29 years factory, located in Gongyi city (mechanical city), Henan Province, China. 30 years dedicated development, we have own many patented products, we have many customers from home and abroad, some even become our long term partners and agents.Good product quality and perfect after-sales service always are our purpose, and guarantee to our customers.
            Our main products are coal briquette machine, charcoal briquette machine, shisha charcoal machine, biomass briquette machine, pellet machine, rotary dryer, box dryer, mesh belt dryer, vertical dryer, carbonization furnace, crusher, conveyor belt, etc.

    Waste cloth shredder machine

    Gongyi Lantian Mechanical Plant in China have 30 years manufacturing history, our factory mainly produce waste carpet shredder machine, weaving mill waste shredder machine, biomass briquette machine, charcoal and coal briquette machine, ball press machine, BBQ charcoal machine, shisha charcoal machine, and its serial equipment crusher, mixer, feeder, dryer, etc. 

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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